Adlerian Counselling and Vocational Guidance

Seminarios Puertas Abiertas

Title: Adlerian Counseling and Vocational Guidance
Imparted by:
Silvina Castro

Psychologist – Adlerian Psychotherapist and Counselor from the Center for Adlerian Studies – Master in Educational Psychology and Learning Problems – Professional experience in the educational area, with teachers, children, adolescents and their families.
Date: Wednesday, October 25 – Time: 8:00 p.m. (Only) – In-person/Online –
Certificates of attendance are provided – Free entry with prior registration in order to reserve a place for limited spaces.

Aimed at: Psychologists, Psychiatrists or students of both careers and health professionals.
Academic coordination: Andrés Buschiazzo (Didactic Analyst)
Telephones: +598 99 584 596 – 2412 86 50
Adlerian Studies Center – IAIP Uruguay