Attention: the following diagram does not strictly represent the program of training.

Level 1: Propedeutikon Level II: Pre-Technique Level III: Technique Level IV:Technique
Duration 1 quarter Duration 2 semesters Duration 4 semesters Permanent Updating
Structure of the Psyche Theory and technique of the interpretation of dreams Major psychotherapies Complementary techniques and therapy related issues
Adler History and anthropology Adler Reich
Jung Phisiology and Neuroscience Dreikurs Bioenergetics
Freud Freud Jung Rolfing
Rank Stekel Freud Hipnosis P.N.L.
Ferenczi Adler Rank Sofrology, Eutonia
Reich Jung Ferenczi Entrenamiento
Satir Otros Counselling Autogenous training
Positive Psychotherapy Gestalt
Existencial,Behaviorism and Group Work