The C.A.S starting the period of inscriptions for the first level of the career of Psychotherapists and Analysts answers the following questions:


How is the formation of analysts and psychotherapists?
It consists of 4 levels in which candidates develop practical, theory and vivid knowledge.


What is the difference between the holistic conception and others that also use the name “holism”?
Apart from being integrated by psychologists and doctors with specifical formation in Psychotherapy (all undergone personal analysis previously and control analysis) it is a tendency of the Profound Psychology, and it has direct succession with its principal dissidents. “Holism”, for us, means integration, not accumulation of non- scientific character. In spite of recognizing that on the basis of the science there is valid knowledge, they do not have that characteristic (see the article “Adler and the holism” in this site).


Who can apply for this formation?
Psychologists and medical doctors. Nevertheless, it is possible to be coursing those careers simultaneously but the association will not give diplomas if they did not finish the careers previously mentioned.


Are the candidates interested in the formation selected somehow?
Yes, the association reserves right of admission of the candidates admitted to complete the formation, being this selection intellectual and ethical.


Those who postulate and are accepted to begin the formation are members of the association?
Not necessarily, they can become members when they have practically finished the formation and presented the will of belonging as members and have obtained the authorization. The student of the association does not have compromise with it.


How can a candidate get in contact?
He/She should ask for an interview and send his/her curriculum vitae to:psicoterapias@centroadleriano.org


What activities do the therapists of the association perform?
Individual and group PSYCHOTHERAPY, institutional and social work, coordination of groups of encounters, and research.


Finally, what is the most important aim of its presence in Uruguay?
To fulfill the lack in a systematic and qualified formation of therapists, in the approach of multiple therapies with a high grade of professionalism and ethic.