Newsletter Nº 18

In 2010, the Adlerian Studies Center started to publish a free bilingual (English-Spanish) online newsletter through its founder Prof. Yaír Hazán. With distinguished representatives of the Adlerian movement (IAIP members) and other scientific associations and institutions from Latin America and also other parts of the world, it shares the last works and contributions showing the validity of the Individual Psychology constructs at the present in their three application fields: Psychotherapy – Counselling -Education. This publication and its data are intellectual property registered under the ISSN licence: 1688-7948 National Library of Uruguay


Training Seminars

The Center for Adlerian Studies – IAIP Uruguay, has the honor to invite Open Doors Seminars that will take place during the month of December and we will talk about psychotherapies in a pandemic situation. Following the Adlerian motto: “A single path, a null path”

Alejandra Yarza
Belén Estrada
Paula Jose Quinteros
Mauricio Cervigni
Attendance certificates are delivered – Free entry with prior registration for the purpose of reserving a place for limited places.
Directed: Psychologists, Psychiatrists or students of both careers, and health professionals.
Academic coordination: Andrés Buschiazzo (Trained Analyst)

Phones: +598 99 584 596 – 2412 86 50

Center for Adlerian Studies – IAIP Uruguay


The Institute of Improvement and Higher Studies (IPES) and the Center for Adlerian Studies – IAIP Uruguay, have the honor of inviting the Seminar entitled: “Teaching role and Comparative Adlerian Psychology (PAC)” to be held by the Zoom platform on Saturday 31 October 2020.

Time: 09:00 – 12:00 hs. (Punctual) – Hourly load: 3 hours

Recipients: Teachers of Initial Education, Early Childhood and Primary Education and the public interested in the subject.

Responsible teaching team:
Andres Buschiazzo
Degree in Psychology (FPSICO, UdelaR). Specialization in Psychology Applied to Sports (FPSICO, UBA). Doctoral student in Psychology (FCS, UP). Academic Director of the Center for Adlerian Studies – IAIP Uruguay.

Tania Presa
journal in Psychology and Education (FPSICO, UdelaR), Lic. in Education Center, (FHUCE, UdelaR), Teacher, Professor of CFE (Normal Institute of Montevideo).

Free entry and open to all public. To register, you must send a text message (or WhatsApp) in advance: 00598 94 71 71 74 indicating the full name – E-mail – Telephone number – Limited places


Institute for Improvement and Higher Studies (IPES) – Center for Adlerian Studies – IAIP Uruguay


National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII)

Training of Psychotherapists -2020-

The Center of Adlerian Studies is receiving curriculum synthesis from those interested in the Training of Psychotherapists -2020- Candidates must be psychiatrists, psychologists or students of both disciplines.

Limited places
Duration: 2 years

Official member: Uruguayan Federation of Psychotherapy (Fupsi), International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP). To arrange the admission interview it is necessary to send resume synthesis to:

Contact information:

+598 99 584 596 – 2412 8650