“Everything could be otherwise” Individual Psychology in acquired brain damage.

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Title: “Everything can be another way” Individual Psychology in acquired brain damage.
Imparted by:
Alejandra YarzaGraduate in Psychology from the University of the Republic, Montevideo. Psychotherapist and Counselor from the Center for Adlerian Studies, Montevideo, Ph.D. student  with Orientation in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Maimónides University Buenos Aires, Diploma in Neurocognitive Evaluation and Treatment from the Aidynée Center-University of Flores, Buenos Aires.
Date: Wednesday, October 4 – Time: 8:00 p.m. (Only) – In-person/Online –
Certificates of attendance are provided – Free entry with prior registration in order to reserve a place for limited spaces.

Aimed at: Psychologists, Psychiatrists or students of both careers.

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