Tribute to Rudolf Dreikurs – 2009

Tribute to Rudolf Dreikurs

Pre-tribute activities:

Currently we are receiving for consideration publications from Adlerian Institutions about parenting and counseling, as well as particular Dreikurs contributions to psychotherapy.

Prof. Dra. Eva Dreikurs recently made a relevant donation of books. We also thank Dr. Francis X. Walton the generous contribution of some copies of his papers.

Art workshop with children of public primary school Canada, about ‘parents and kids relationship’, coordinated by Prof. Daniel Tomasini and Beatriz Tobler, from the national Arts School.

The artistic products were exhibited in the Arts School (Facultad de Artes) from 7th to 10th of september 2009.


Dr. Michael Titze: “Rudolf Dreikurs: el hombre y su obra”  Click here

Dr. Frank Walton: “A call for broader applications of Adlerian theory: Rudolf Dreikurs revisited” Click here

Dr. Eva Dreikurs: “Adler and Dreikurs: Cognitive-social dynamic innovators” Click aquí

Abstract      This article focuses on the work of A. Adler and R. Dreikurs and includes clarifications of Dreikurs as a therapist and teacher. Certain aspects have set Individual Psychology apart from other theories, and the author discusses issues that are crucial both for psychology and for society in the new millennium. The author discusses Dreikurs’s emphases on social equality as an extension of the concept of social interest and community feeling; the importance of the group and group processes as extensions of the concept of holism and as providing the necessary context for understanding and changing an individual’s short-term and long-term goals; and the importance of private logic and the identification of mistaken beliefs and apperceptions.

This was first published as an article “Adler and Dreikurs: Cognitive-Social Dynamic Innovators” by Eva Dreikurs Ferguson from the /Journal of Individual Psychology/, Volume 57 Issue 4, pp. 324 – 341. Copyright ©2001 University of Texas Press. All rights reserved.


Photo gallery

Art Exhibition – Monday 7th to Thursday 10th, from 18 to 20 hs. Exhibition of children paintings about “parents and kids relationships”. Coordinated by Prof. Daniel Tomasini and Prof. Beatriz Tobler. Facultad de Artes: 18 de Julio 1772.

Uncovering of R. Dreikurs portrait made by Arq. José María Garrido

Musical Performance  – September 9th, 19 hs.

Matías Viera

Miguel Vega in trumpets
Gustavo Reyna in guitar:
Johann Kaspar Mertz
*Bardenklänge Op. 13 Nº 1:

An Malvina

*Bardenklänge Op. 13 Nº 3.
Lecture “Adlerian Psychology and motivation” by Prof. Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson

Lecture “Necessity of Rudolf Dreikurs” by Prof. Psyc. Yair Hazán  Click here

Place: School of Psychology (Universidad de la República) Montevideo.

Related activities

We have undertook to make publish R. Dreikurs works in Spanish.