Training Seminars -CEA-

Workshop 1:  Incorporating Motivational Interviewing in IP Practice”

Date and time: Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 – 19:00 to 22:00 hs. (Punctual)

Workshop 2: “Case Conceptualization and treatment of depression from an Adlerian  perspective”

Date and time: Friday 28th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Punctual) and Saturday 29th from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m

Prof. Jon Sperry Ph.D.  Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lynn University.

Co-editor in chief, of the Journal of Individual Psychology / Professional Advisor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Counseling and Psychological Services / Former President of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP).



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Center of Adlerian Studies – IAIP Uruguay

Newsletter Nº 18 – Adlerian

In 2010 Centro de Estudios Adlerianos started publishing bilingually (Spanish-English) its free newsletter which shares, via conspicuous representatives of Adlerian movement (IAIP members), the breaking news and the validity of Individual Psychology (IP). It is a publication with referee academic and registered intellectually at Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay.

The training of Psychotherapists -2019-

El Centro de Estudios Adlerianos está recibiendo síntesis de curriculum de los interesados en la Formación de Psicoterapeutas -2019-.

Los candidatos deben ser psiquiatras, psicólogos o estudiantes de ambas disciplinas.

Cupos limitados
Duración: 2 años
Miembro oficial: Federación Uruguaya de Psicoterapia (Fupsi), International Association of Individual Psychology (IAIP).

Para concertar la entrevista de admisión es necesario enviar síntesis de curriculum a:

Fundaments of Dept Adlerian Psychology

Authors: Yaír Hazán and Michael Titze


In the first part of the book, the authors explain the epistemological criteria that sustains Adlerian Psychology. The reader will obtain a general vision (or complete overview) of the theoretical fundaments for a “dept teleological psychology”. The affinity with other psychotherapeutic theories has been consistently remarked.
In the second part, they describe different aspects of Adlerian Psychoterapy. Thus the reader will be able to comprehend the specific terms of a teleological procedure. In the practical part, the reader will be acquainted with the methods of Teleological Psychotherapy, also known as Teleoanalisis (neologism created by Rudolf Dreikurs)
In short, this book presents the basic methodology of lifestyle analisis. You will find, thoroughly described, the phases of Adlerian Psychology, such as theming, early recollection, dream interpretation, and supporting self-confidence. The latter requires an integral method of therapeutic encouraging, related to the paradoxic function of humor. The performance of this essentially Adlerian procedure is showed through humordrama, a new technique specific for the treatment of Gelotophobia (fear to be ridicule as expression of the inferiority complex)
Therefore, this handbook can be considered a complete compendium of Adlerian Psychotherapy.